The LoveBolt brought together an eclectic group of people on Tuesday to celebrate the transition of seasons and launch our new vintage-inspired clothing line. This creative project is the fruition of several months of hard work, searching for unique pieces all around the country. As an organization that deeply cares about how we’re showing up in the world, we felt that a circular clothing model fit the mold of our impact.

Special thanks to our curator, Madelaine Haydel, and our partners over at MacFly Fresh who helped us with the custom embroidery. We also we’re honored to include a special performance from several talented performers in Douglas Tappin’s, “I Dream”. Hard to put words to the power that comes through their voices!

Our speaker for the night was Brandon Neil – senior vice president of Novant Health. Brandon and his dear friends Jon Davis and Dr. Shivani Meht began a podcast, called “Making Room.” In it they explore the power of diverse relationships, creativity, catalyzing change, and so many more topics that are critical to our work here at The LoveBolt. Brandon’s talk perfectly captured the spirit of the LoveBolt and the transformative impact that comes from getting to truly know each other.

Here’s a link to go listen!