The LoveBolt is normalizing social inclusion
through a network of meetups & racial education.

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We are building a diverse network of people who are owning their individual orbit and making social inclusion the norm in our nation.
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Our Story

The LoveBolt is the fruition of Kitty Garner’s vision for equity in Charlotte, NC, and beyond. Kitty’s extraordinary creativity, intensive research, and compassionate heart - created the perfect blend for change. We miss Kitty dearly but are honored to carry forward her legacy through this vital work.

Take Action

1. CHARGE up your knowledge on systemic racism in America

2. BOND with people who don’t look like you

3. FLASH into action and inspire equity in your community

“My aspiration is to help grow LoveBolt to the point that we no longer need efforts that foster social inclusion because that will have become the norm — I don’t think there could be any greater foe to structural racism than bringing that hope to fruition.”