The Problem
We can't bridge our racial divide if we remain socially tribal.
Social Seperation

For years, housing segregation, redlining, and other forms of systemic oppression have kept white and black communities apart. This social separation makes it far too easy for white people to ignore the benefits of their race and remain ignorant to the realities of systemic racism.



White Passivity

In recent years, many white Americans have chosen to ignore race and try “not to see color.” This passivity is inviting white people to remain blind to the vast inequities still being perpetuated by the infrastructure of racism in our country, which was constructed over a span of centuries and becomes deeply entrenched in all aspects of American life.


“Among white Americans, 91% of the people in their social networks were white. Among black Americans, 83% percent of people in their social networks were black.”

Public Religion Research Institute, 2013

Our Solution
LoveBolt is, at its core, about the power of friendship to dissolve socially constructed differences and inspire change.
Network of meetups and events

Friendships can’t be forced. That’s why we are helping foster organic connection through passions and shared interests. Whatever it is that fires your imagination is a connection point through which meaningful relationships are sparked.


Art driven education initiatives

The LoveBolt is creating and sponsoring resources that will invite you to grow your racial fluency, grow your perspective, and charge you up to create change. We are highlighting the work of black artists and moving out of apathy and into action.  


Personalized action plans

The LoveBolt’s grand vision is to systemic racism ended in ONE generation. To accomplish this, we encourage each member of LoveBolt Agency to work to develop a personal social justice action plan that is tailored to their specific interests, skill set, and personality type. 

The LoveBolt symbol represents the raw energy of love to create change. Wearing the LoveBolt serves as a shortcut to friendship - broadcasting your desire to connect, learn, and become more socially inclusive.

This effort isn’t about making friends for the sake of performance or charity. It’s about recapturing the heart of what makes us human and popping the artificial bubbles that keep us apart.
Love Bolt
“We assert that having cross-racial friends provides a living laboratory for enhancing individual and collective cultural competence.”

Plummer, 2016

“Patterns of adult cross-racial friendships: A context for understanding contemporary race relations.”
Cultural diversity & ethnic minority psychology vol. 22,4 (2016): 479-494.


with each of us owning our own orbit,
we will transform our communities and create life changing friendships in the process.

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