We believe that transformational change happens when we decide to join hands, leverage our strengths, and work towards common goals. That’s why we absolutely love partnering with other committed people who are building communities where we can all thrive.

Up-cycled vintage inspired clothing with MacFly Fresh

The LoveBolt created a 30 piece, one-of-a-kind vintage-inspired clothing collection. Embracing elements from the 70’s – we worked with the awesome fellas over at MacFly fresh on all our embroidery needs. Special thanks to our curator, Madelaine Haydel, who spearheaded this fun project. 

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WFAE Race and Equity Desk (Local NPR station)

The LoveBolt is partnering with the race and equity desk to help highlight and shine light on the young change-makers of Charlotte. We’re so inspired but the intentional efforts WFAE is taking to ensure their newsroom is equitable and informative of the areas where systemic racism is taking hold in the Charlotte area.


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Douglas Tappin’s, “I Dream,” Opera

A powerful piece that is catalyzing change on-stage through its reflections on the life and legacy of MLK, Jr. Such an honor to be a featured sponsor on this important project. We hope to continue to push this show to new heights and expanding audiences around the country. 


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“It Takes A Village” Art Exhibition at Mint Museum Uptown

Celebrating the vibrant, grassroots art happening in and around Charlotte. LoveBolt is honored to be a featured sponsor of this incredible project which features three diverse and innovative art collectives.


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